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Georgia Marijuana Card Guide: Charlotte’s Web – Low THC Oil with High Hopes

All About Charlotte's Web Strain/Oil

Georgia cannabis patients have been registering with the state for 6 years now, allowing the possession of up to 20 ounces of low THC cannabis oil.

Normally strains are grown with the exact opposite intentions, to produce high amounts of THC and low amounts of CBD. But one strain stands out in the crowd as a staple for Georgia cannabis patients: Charlotte’s Web.

Grown with the intention of being low in THC and high in cannabinoids like CBD, Charlotte’s Web is one of the most popular treatment options available in the cannabis industry. In this article we’ll cover everything you need to know about Charlotte’s Web, the strain that changed cannabis forever.

Charlotte’s Web – How One Strain Became a Household Name for Adults and Children

What is the Charlotte’s Web Strain?

Charlotte’s Web is a strain designed by the Stanley Brothers to have a high number of cannabinoids and very little THC.

It was grown by crossing a hemp plant with a low THC cannabis plant, the final product being a strain that is full of cannabinoids with almost no THC at a 30:1 CBD:THC ratio.

Charlotte’s Web comes in a variety of product types, the most popular being a cannabis oil that is taken orally to treat many different conditions.

Originally named “Hippie’s Disappointment” due to the low THC content not producing an effective “high”, Charlotte’s Web was initially thought to have no place in the cannabis market at all. The Stanley Brothers believed otherwise, and everything changed when a little girl named Charlotte Figi stole the hearts of millions of Americans with her unbelievable recovery using cannabis.

Charlotte’s Web: The Story of Charlotte Figi & The Fight for Children to use Cannabis

Charlotte’s Web took it’s official name after Charlotte Figi, a child diagnosed with Dravet syndrome, a severe type of epilepsy that caused her to suffer from over 300 grand mal seizures every week.

At age 3 Charlotte was suffering extraordinary circumstances, with her seizures rendering her effectively disabled. Charlotte’s parents began searching for anything that would help their daughter, eventually coming across another family that was treating their child’s Dravet syndrome with cannabis successfully.

With the help of the family physician, the Figis decided to try medicinal cannabis for Charlotte, administering daily doses of a low THC cannabis extract in her food and under her tongue.

Charlotte saw a dramatic and immediate improvement after taking the cannabis oil. After building some consistency with the dosage, Charlotte’s seizures went from over 300 a week to less than 5 a month. The Figi family’s prayers were answered, cannabis was helping their daughter live an uninhibited, happy life.

However, the miraculous recovery Charlotte was having brought on new problems. Finding high CBD, low THC strains wasn’t easy or affordable, and Charlotte would need a consistent amount of cannabis to maintain a regular schedule.

Needing consistent medication, the Figi family reached out to the cultivators of Hippie’s Disappointment and started a relationship that would change how patients across the United States access their medicine.

Charlotte’s Web Strain: How a Once Disregarded Cannabis Strain Now Changes Lives

In 2013 the Figi family decided to move to Colorado, where access to medical cannabis was much more available for Charlotte. But after the move it became apparent that dispensaries carried mostly high THC, low CBD strains, and that wouldn’t work for Charlotte’s medication. The Stanley Brothers were one of the few cultivators that were producing low THC, high CBD strains, and so the Figi family reached out to see if they would be able to help.

Hippie’s Disappointment had already been in production since 2009, created by the brothers to explore the medical benefits for cancer patients. When the Figi family contacted them, they immediately started making an oil extract for Charlotte. This was the start of a relationship that would eventually move the brothers to rename Hippie’s Disappointment to Charlotte’s Web.

After seeing the unbelievable success with Charlotte and recognizing the similar needs that other families would have, the Stanley Brothers created the Realm of Caring Organization, a 501c3 nonprofit that helps children and adults access medical cannabis more affordably.

From there Charlotte’s Web took over the hearts of America when CNN published a story on Charlotte’s success with cannabis, ultimately leading to the creation of new medical marijuana programs across the Nation, and building a new wave of cannabis activism for children.

What Are the Benefits of Charlotte’s Web?

Charlotte’s Web has been used to treat a variety of conditions and is commercially available in every state in the U.S.

Charlotte’s Web has a high CBD content, which can be used for many conditions including:

· Acne

· Anxiety

· Cancer-Related Symptoms

· Chemotherapy-Induced Nausea

· Chronic Pain

· High Blood Pressure

· Inflammation

· Loss of Appetite

· Muscle Spasms

· Nerve Pain

· Potential Tumor Growth

· Seizures

· Sleeping Disorders

Charlotte’s Web: More Than Just CBD

Charlotte’s Web is high in CBD, but it also contains many cannabinoids and several important terpenes that help produce the entourage effect, which can add additional therapeutic benefits.

Charlotte’s Web known terpenes:

· Alpha-Pinene – Anti-Inflammatory & enhanced cognitive function

· Linalool – Anti-Anxiety

· Myrcene – Anti-Inflammatory and muscle relaxation

Charlotte’s Web can also be added to many treatment plans without fear of adverse side effects. The Charlotte’s Web strain and oil can be found on the company website, along with a variety of other products.

Get Your Georgia Marijuana Card

As a Georgia marijuana patient, you can legally purchase up to 20 ounces of low THC cannabis oil. For Georgians, this means getting the relief you need naturally and organically, and Georgia Marijuana Card is here to help.

Reserve your appointment today and get $25 off when we start processing applications!

Feel free to give us a call at (866) 781-5606, and we can help answer your questions about getting medical marijuana in Georgia


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