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What is FECO, and is it legal in Georgia?

FECO and what to know

Soon qualifying Georgia patients will be able to legally purchase medical cannabis oil from dispensaries throughout the state. However, Georgia’s low THC oil should not be confused with FECO, an increasingly popular form of cannabis.

The expert team at Georgia Marijuana Card provides compassionate, attentive guidance to current and future medical marijuana patients. Meanwhile, we’re also a top source of the latest cannabis news.

Read on to learn more about FECO, also known as Rick Simpson Oil (RSO).

What does FECO mean?

FECO, pronounced like FEE-KO, stands for Full Extract Cannabis Oil. It’s a highly concentrated cannabis extract that provides one of the most broad spectrums of cannabinoids and terpenes available.

FECO is typically the result of ethanol-based extraction from a variety of potent cannabis strains. However, the Canadian cannabis advocate Rick Simpson developed a specific form of FECO, which he promoted as an effective form of treatment from serious ailments like cancer.

As a result of Simpson’s efforts, the name Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO, is sometimes used synonymously with FECO. However, the current industry standard is to reclaim FECO as the general name for all alcohol-derived, highly concentrated, full spectrum cannabis extracts.

What makes FECO different from other cannabis oils?

All forms of FECO, including RSO, are easily distinguished from other forms of cannabis oil.

Most often, cannabis oil is blended with a carrier like coconut oil or water and appears slippery, gold, green, or clear in appearance. In contrast, FECO is extremely sticky, viscous, and dark.

While sometimes infused in capsules and gummies, FECO is often packaged within a syringe that allows for easily measured distribution. In most cases, medical marijuana patients feel distinct effects from doses as small as a grain of rice, which are usually administered by dispensing a small amount of FECO onto a toothpick before swallowing it.

FECO is thought to gain its potency not just from the high concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes that it contains but also from the entourage effect created when multiple parts of the cannabis plant activate each other.

Which patients benefit from FECO the most?

Rick Simpson has made FECO particularly popular among cancer patients. However, additional research is needed to make accurate statements about its anti-tumor potential. More simply speaking, FECO amplifies the general effects of cannabis.

As a result, you can think of it as an “extra strength” cannabis extract suitable for people who are experiencing elevated levels of complications from the medical conditions that qualify for treatment with cannabis oil.

A qualified doctor with experience in cannabis will be best suited to help you decide if FECO is the best form of cannabis for you.

Considerations regarding medical history, expectations for treatment, and the need to operate vehicles or heavy machinery are also important factors to consider when deciding to integrate FECO into your health plan.

Which forms of medical marijuana are legal in Georgia?

Georgia’s current medical marijuana program allows for possession of up to 20 ounces of high CBD cannabis oil that contains no more than 5 percent delta 9 THC.

As a result, FECO is not legally available in Georgia at this time. However, legislation is pending to expand Georgia’s medical marijuana program.

Going ahead and securing your spot as a Georgia medical marijuana cardholder places you on the fast track to benefit from future reform efforts and gives you access to well-regulated, top quality low THC cannabis oil in the meantime.

Ready to register for a GA marijuana card?

Whether you think you’re experiencing symptoms of a qualifying condition, or have already received a diagnosis, the expert team at Georgia Marijuana Card will make sure you have a stress-free experience accessing and utilizing cannabis as a form of treatment.

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