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Governor Brian Kemp Signs Senate Bill 195

Kemp signs bill 195

Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Georgia?

On Monday May 10, Governor Brian Kemp signed Georgia SB 195, officially making medical cannabis more accessible to patients with approved medical conditions.

Our team at Georgia Marijuana Card guides you through the process of qualifying to receive medical marijuana and also provides you with the latest cannabis news in the Peach State.

Since 2019, Governor Kemp has supported the implementation of a plan for in-state production and distribution of the low THC oil first approved for possession, but not purchase, by the Haleigh’s Hope Act of 2015.

Now that SB 195 has been signed into law, Georgia’s six approved cannabis oil production facilities will be officially licensed to establish up to 5 dispensaries each, for a total of 30 dispensaries throughout the state.

The identities of the chosen production facilities should be released by the end of summer, and SB 195 specifies that, beginning July 1, 2021, the facilities will have a maximum time of 12 months to open dispensaries.

As a result, card carrying Georgia medical marijuana patients will be able to access dispensaries for the first time at some point within the next year.

Meanwhile, going ahead and joining the growing medical marijuana registry offers medical marijuana patients a sense of protection and legitimacy, plus swift access to any potential benefits of future medical marijuana policy reform.

How To Get Marijuana Card in GA?

At Georgia Marijuana Card, our compassionate team of state-licensed doctors are experts in making medical cannabis part of your long-term wellness plan.

Services we offer include:

  • Assistance gathering your medical records

  • Medical consultations with state licensed marijuana doctors

  • Initial medical marijuana patient registry document preparation and submission

  • Medical marijuana cardholder renewals

  • Ongoing, personalized guidance for using cannabis to enhance your health and quality and of life

Give us a call at 833-781-5605, or schedule an appointment, to start the process of becoming an official Georgia medical marijuana cardholder today.

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