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When Will Dispensaries Open in GA?

When will dispensaries open in Georgia?

Since 2015, qualifying Georgia patients have been registering to legally possess a limited amount of low-THC cannabis oil. However, there has been no legal pathway to actually purchase the oil in-state until now.

With new laws taking effect this year, the number one question on the mind of Georgia’s cannabis patients is: When exactly will dispensaries open in Georgia?

At Georgia Marijuana Card, our team will guide you through the process of receiving medical marijuana in Georgia. We’re also a top source of cannabis news for the Peach State.

So, when will medical marijuana dispensaries open in Georgia? The short answer is within the next 12 months, provided that the following steps remain on track.

Step 1: Six cannabis production facilities receive licenses.

The Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission (GMCC) received applications from 70 potential production facilities earlier this year. Between now and the end of summer, 6 of the applicants will be approved and issued licenses.

The lucky 6 licensed production facilities will then have the right to open 5 dispensaries each, for a total of 30 dispensaries located throughout the state of Georgia. These will become the first official medical marijuana dispensaries within the state.

Step 2: Production facilities become operational and establish dispensaries.

Once licensed, the production facilities will have a maximum period of 12 months to set up their dispensaries. Each facility will likely move at a different pace, and the Georgia Marijuana Card team will keep our dispensaries page updated with the latest information on locating and accessing Georgia’s new medical marijuana dispensaries.

Fortunately, the licensing application required the facilities to estimate the length of time it would take to establish dispensaries, and GMCC executive director Andrew Turnage reports that most of the applicants anticipate needing far less time than the 12 month window provided by law.

As a result, Turnage and other advocates feel optimistic about the potential for medical marijuana dispensaries to open in Georgia later this year.

Tips for visiting a GA medical marijuana dispensary

The most important thing to understand about Georgia’s dispensaries is that they are for medical marijuana. This means they are not open to the general public and that your key to entry is an official Georgia medical marijuana card. With your official Georgia medical marijuana card, you’ll be able to enter Georgia dispensaries as soon as they open and legally purchase up to 20 ounces of medical cannabis oil that contains no more than 5 percent delta 9 THC. Meanwhile, you’ll also be first in line to benefit from future cannabis policies, including the pending legislation to implement a comprehensive medical marijuana program in Georgia.

Ready to Register for Your Georgia Medical Marijuana Card?

Whether you have a qualifying medical condition, or simply think you might be experiencing the symptoms, it’s worth it to go ahead and schedule a visit with a licensed Georgia medical marijuana doctor to determine if medical marijuana will benefit you.

In addition to providing the initial referral to join Georgia’s patient registry, our expert team will help you submit all paperwork now and process renewals later, while keeping you informed about the best ways to integrate cannabis into your wellness plan.

Give us a call at 833-781-5605, or schedule an appointment, to start your journey to becoming an official Georgia medical marijuana patient today.

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