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Georgia Marijuana Card Guide: Managing Symptoms in a Low THC state with a High Tolerance

Managing symptoms in a low thc state when you have a high tolerance

Cannabis products that will arrive in Georgia dispensaries will contain less than 5% THC, and for medical marijuana patients who have built a high tolerance of THC it might be a little difficult to manage your symptoms with low THC products.

But there are some tricks to help make smaller doses more effective, and there are even some surprising techniques to getting the most out of your products.

In this Georgia Marijuana Card Guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about managing your symptoms in a low THC state with a high tolerance!

What is Tolerance?

Cannabis tolerance is typically defined as your tolerance to THC specifically.

The higher your tolerance to THC, the less potent it will feel.

The lower your tolerance, the more potent it will feel.

This is partly why someone who has never tried cannabis will often have a very different response to a small dosage than someone who has used cannabis regularly for a long time.

Tolerance is built naturally and is relative to the size and frequency of your dosages. The more cannabis you consume, the higher your tolerance will become over time. This is especially helpful if cannabis is overwhelming, you can rest easy that the more your body builds familiarity with products the less intense it will become with time.

For some patients this is an undesirable effect, especially in cases like chronic pain or PTSD where large doses are often administered frequently, more tolerance will eventually require more cannabis.

There is a relative cap for tolerance though, although your tolerance can become very high, it will never be high enough to be a health concern or cause cannabis to be completely ineffective, you’ll just need to up the dosage or take a tolerance break to experience more potent effects from lower dosages.

Can You Prevent Tolerance to THC?

You can’t really prevent tolerance altogether, but there are some cool tricks to keep your tolerance lower.

The most obvious one is to take a break, called a tolerance break.

Depending on your dosage regularity and average dosage size, this might be a week, a few weeks, or even a month or two.

Typically, 90 days will clear the system of all measurable traces of THC, and that’s usually more than enough time for your body to reset its tolerance level back down to 0, even for some of the most serious stoners.

In some cases, a tolerance break isn’t an option or it’s the least preferable option, in which case there are a few things you can do to try and maintain your lower tolerance for as long as possible.

How Can You Slow Your Tolerance to THC?

Aside from taking a tolerance break, one of the best ways to keep your tolerance down is to change up your strains and terpene profiles.

As we know, terpenes are responsible for a lot of the effects from the cannabis plant and can be as important as THC to experience the full compounds from the plant, and especially the entourage effect.

By swapping strains you can keep your system fresh, offering new terpene profiles and different mixtures of cannabinoids can keep your body from getting too used to one type or the other.

Alternating an indica to a sativa, or swapping out for a hybrid if one or the other is too aggressive, can be an excellent way to keep your body on its toes.

How to Make Smaller Doses of Cannabis More Potent

Although some people actually microdose cannabis, for chronically or terminally ill patients that are looking for the biggest punch from their medicine, there are more than a handful of things you can do that can help.

Again it’s kind of obvious, but it goes without saying that you can take more of a product for a more potent effect.

But if taking more isn’t financially reasonable or effective, there are some clever tricks to maximize your cannabis consumption for the most potent effects possible:

Add some mangos or mango extract juice to your session. Mangos are rich in myrcene, a terpene found in cannabis. Myrcene has its own effects, but it also helps increase the saturation level of the CB1 receptor, which allows for a greater maximum psychoactive effect. For best results, try one about 45 minutes before your next session.

Eat some chocolate.

But specifically, chocolate with at least 72% or more cacao. This powerful antioxidant will help slow the breakdown of anandamide in the brain, the chemical that THC mimics to enter your brain’s receptors and get to work. It’ll help lengthen your high.

And lastly, try a nice cup of black or green tea. Black and green tea contain catechins, a powerful flavonoid that binds to your CB1 receptors similar to THC, allowing THC to come on much more efficiently.

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