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The Anatomy & Language of The Cannabis Plant

The cannabis plant isn’t just limited to marijuana, in fact cannabis includes a variety of different plants and types. Hemp, marijuana, medical marijuana, recreational marijuana, and cannabis are all names, types, or definitions of the cannabis plant sometimes used universally.

For Georgians with medical marijuana cards, medical marijuana might mean something entirely different somewhere else in the country, where different cannabis products are available.

In this article, we’ll break down the anatomy of the cannabis plant, what different terms mean in the cannabis industry, and how to identify different types of the cannabis plant and cannabis products!

What is Cannabis?

Although there are many different terms and names for it, cannabis is essentially a plant that includes marijuana and hemp plants.

There are three main species in the cannabis plant, cannabis sativa, cannabis indica, and cannabis ruderalis.

Cannabis sativa is a species with tall slender plants, including hemp, while cannabis indica is a short and stocky plant that does not include hemp.

Cannabis ruderalis is even shorter and thicker than cannabis indica, but its THC content is almost always very low or nonexistent, so it is not currently widely used in any capacity.

The flowers that bloom on the plants contain high concentrations of compounds and cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD, making them one of the most suitable parts of the plant for consumption.

Certain strains of cannabis plants can have higher percentages of one compound over another, and they may be chosen by cultivators specifically for the natural properties of that plant though.

For example, a cannabis indica strain like Purple Kush might be grown with the intention of getting the best terpene profile for the entourage effect.

A Sativa strain like Amnesia Haze might be grown to yield the highest possible THC content.

Cannabis Terminology

Although from a botanical perspective cannabis is a term used to describe the cannabaceae family, culturally it is typically used to refer to any type or product of the cannabis plant.

Cannabis could mean flower, a plant, or a product depending on how you look at it, but at its root the term cannabis is almost always used to describe the cannabis plant in some form.

Marijuana is also a term that is universally used for cannabis, however it is more commonly associated with “illegal” cannabis. The term marijuana also has a pretty dicey history rooted in blatant racism and political corruption, so many favor a less divisive and aggressive approach with using its proper identifier, cannabis.

Recreational marijuana is a term typically used for states that have legalized recreational cannabis use. In states like Colorado and California where recreational marijuana is legal, any person 21 years or older can purchase and possess marijuana legally.

Medical marijuana is a term used for states that have legalized cannabis use for medical patients only. Use or possession of cannabis is typically illegal in these states unless the person has a medical marijuana card or certification.

A Medical Marijuana Card is a state approved card or certification that permits the legal possession and use of medical cannabis. Typically states have a list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana cards, and patients who have received a medical marijuana card can purchase medical marijuana products in dispensaries.

A Dispensary is a legally operating retail business that sells cannabis products. Cannabis products are usually grown or processed independently, and the final product ends up on the shelf of a dispensary where medical marijuana patients can purchase them.

Cultivators are farms or facilities that grow and often process cannabis. Cultivators can typically grow cannabis plants in large quantities, and frequently they will also process the cannabis into its various product types, although sometimes independent processors can be used.

The Benefits & Uses of Cannabis

Medical marijuana is used to treat many different health conditions and problems in Georgia, and the potential benefits of the cannabis plant extend even further:

Increased euphoria

Decreased stress & increased relaxation

Increase in appetite

Anti-inflammatory effects

Decreased blood pressure and vasodilation

Improved mood

Reduced anxiety & depression

Relief from chronic pain

Reduced acne

Improved sleep

Reduced seizures & muscle spasms

Relief from nerve pain

Beyond medical use, the cannabis plant is also used for a ton of different things. Fuels, fibers, beer, milk, sunscreen, shoes, soap, even sports cars have been made using cannabis, in truth it can be used for almost anything you can imagine.

Some more peculiar and interesting uses people have found for cannabis include:

For Georgians with medical marijuana cards, dispensaries are just around the corner. A requirement in the state application process requires cultivators be operational within one year of their application approval, so dispensary operations should likely be a priority for legislators.

And for Georgians with qualifying conditions, there’s no better time than now to reserve your appointment and get $25 off when we start processing applications!


Get Your Georgia Marijuana Card

As a Georgia marijuana patient, you can legally purchase up to 20 ounces of low THC cannabis oil. For Georgians, this means getting the relief you need naturally and organically, and Georgia Marijuana Card is here to help.

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