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What to Expect During Your Online Medical Marijuana Evaluation

To have the best chance of being approved for a medical marijuana card, a medical consultation will be performed, and a treatment plan will be created that covers what documents you may need and how to obtain your medical marijuana certification.

With this information, you can feel prepared and confident when seeking an online medical marijuana evaluation.

So, What Exactly Is a Medical Marijuana Evaluation?

You have to consult a licensed physician for a medicinal marijuana examination. You must schedule a virtual appointment because, regardless of where you live, you cannot obtain a medical marijuana card without the approval of a doctor, and you cannot obtain their approval without an examination! The process begins with a medical professional evaluating you!

To begin, you must determine whether you have a qualifying condition. A medical marijuana card is proof that a patient has the legal right to obtain and use medical marijuana.

Then, talk to your doctor about the possibility of using medicinal cannabis as a therapy option. Your doctor will determine if medical cannabis is right for you by evaluating your medical records and assessing your history and present health state.Your information will be recorded into Georgia's state patient database, and you will be instructed to pick up your card from a public health office and pay the usual payment of $25 within 15 minutes. If, after reviewing your medical records, your doctor recommends medical cannabis

Consultation Requirements for Medical Marijuana

The symptoms and diseases listed below may qualify a patient for Georgia's medical evaluation.

  • AIDS

  • Alzheimer's disease

  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

  • Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

  • Crohn's disease is a kind of IBD.

  • Bullous epidermolysis

  • Intractable ache

  • Mitochondrial dysfunction

Your condition will determine your therapy options. A person suffering from depression may be required to consult a therapist and take antidepressants before being approved for a medical marijuana card.

Preparing for Your Medical Marijuana Evaluation: What to Bring

Speak with a registered medical marijuana doctor about your qualifying illnesses, medical history, and why medicinal marijuana may be a good option for you. Ask inquiries and talk about any concerns you have.

Before the visit, gather all required documentation, including any medical records that will allow your doctor to fully understand your medical history.The first thing you'll need is some cannabis knowledge, do some research on how medicinal cannabis could improve your illness before approaching any physician about medical marijuana. Once you grasp the benefits of marijuana, it will be much easier to describe how it will benefit you.

Bring your medical records with you,List any injury, disability, or sickness that medicinal marijuana may be able to help with. You must also provide a government ID, such as a passport or driver's license, to confirm your residency in the state. Bring whatever medical documentation you have, such as X-rays, disability q, or the findings of an MRI scan.

What to Expect During a Medical Marijuana Evaluation

The first step is to look for a list of qualifying ailments for medicinal marijuana in order to have the highest possibility of being approved for a medical marijuana card. You will be asked to complete out medical marijuana papers, and the doctor will look over your medical records to see whether you qualify.

Unfortunately, approval is unlikely until all other therapeutic options have been exhausted. If the medications are ineffective, the doctor may prescribe narcotic pain relievers and instruct you to return in 30 days.

The doctor will ask you various questions about your illnesses, including who has previously treated you for these conditions and what therapies you have tried. The doctor will also inquire if you have ever used recreational marijuana. The doctor is asking these questions to determine if you are familiar with medical marijuana and to ensure that the dosing recommended on your medical marijuana certification is correct.

The doctor will talk about the negative consequences of medical marijuana while outlining a treatment strategy. Additionally, they discuss the advantages and disadvantages of cannabis therapy and, in certain cases, set up a follow-up appointment.

What to Say During a Medical Marijuana Evaluation

First and foremost, relax and smile when you arrive at your physician's office; your pleasant attitude or feelings will tremendously influence how your physician responds to your request, no physician will consider a miserable and furious patient for a medical marijuana card.

If you allow it, medical marijuana evaluations can be a difficult experience for both the physician and the patient. If you get to your doctor and don't know what to say but have a friend who uses medicinal marijuana, explain how it works for them. You can also talk about a book you read or a documentary you saw.

When discussing the medicinal possibilities of cannabis with your doctor, be upfront and honest about your previous experiences with the medication. Some doctors are hesitant to recommend cannabis to their patients. Please also include any cannabis-based therapies that you have found effective. Remember that many doctors are unaware of marijuana's potential therapeutic effects.

Get Ready for Medical Marijuana in Georgia

Medical cannabis is potentially beneficial for those who struggle with substance misuse. Even though this is still being investigated, it might be an affordable, safe option for people to work toward recovery.

Despite some delays, Georgia will soon have access to medical marijuana! We hope Georgia dispensaries should open their doors in 2023 to give patients the relief they deserve. If you are still determining if you qualify, we can help! Just give us a call.

You can reserve an evaluation online today with one of our compassionate cannabis doctors, and we'll make an appointment as soon as possible. Feel free to ask any questions in the meantime!

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