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Top 5 Cannabis Oil Products for Medical Marijuana Patients

Georgia is working on offering low-THC cannabis oil products for patients who have registered for a medical marijuana certification in Georgia.

Currently, the medical marijuana program is on hold while legislators work out details concerning the state’s licensing procedures, but there’s hope that the program will become operational this year.

Once the program starts to operate, patients will be able to shop a variety of low-THC cannabis products. In this article, we’ll cover the top 5 cannabis oil products and how they can help bring relief to medical marijuana patients!

Best Medical Marijuana Oil Products

Cannabis Salves & Topicals

Some of the best products made from cannabis oils are salves and topicals.

Especially for low-THC cannabis products, salves and topicals work on localized pain by allowing patients to apply the product directly to the problem area.

Topicals and salves are also non-psychoactive, so patients can use as much of the product as necessary without experiencing psychoactive effects.

Topicals and salves are great alternative choices for conditions like arthritis and chronic pain, and topicals are particularly effective for symptoms like neuropathy or nerve pain.

Salves are also great for minor sports injuries or post-workouts, as transdermal patches and ointments offer great relief for localized pain caused by overstressed muscles.


Although concentrates don’t traditionally qualify as “low-THC” cannabis oil products, certain types of concentrates can be extremely effective for many different conditions and symptoms.

Products like RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) are frequently used by medical marijuana patients suffering from conditions like cancer and epilepsy, offering fast relief and easy methods of ingestion such as orally.

Vape cartridges are also made using concentrates and can be manufactured with a 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD or other cannabinoids.

In fact, nearly every topical or edible is made using concentrates, because the extracted oils from the cannabis plant contain the majority of medicinal and therapeutic compounds. The oils are often the most critical part in producing these products.


You might not think of edibles as a type of cannabis oil product, but it would be difficult to find many edibles that aren’t made using cannabis oils.

Edibles are potent forms of cannabis that can be consumed like any other food and offer a stronger potency with longer-lasting effects.

When producing edibles, cultivators extract all the compounds desirable for a marijuana edible from the plant’s trichomes, the oily deposits on the surface of a cannabis plant’s flowers that contain the cannabinoids like THC and CBD.

These oils are then processed into whatever type of edible is preferred, such as a gummy or in chocolate.

And voila! You have a cannabis edible.

There are also CBD or low-THC cannabis edibles, and they’re made using plant oils as well.


Believe it or not, cannabis cocktails are a thing, and they’re pretty good too.

CBD cocktails are becoming increasingly more common, offering relaxation and calming effects. You can have a CBD cocktail to prevent a hangover from the night out or as an easy addition to a Netflix-and-blanket kind of night.

CBD drinks are also a great addition to a workout, offering potential benefits for delayed-onset muscle soreness and therapeutic benefits for anxiety.

Also, by using the cannabis oils from hemp or cannabis sativa plants, cannabis tinctures can be added to any drink to create a cannabis concoction. For those looking for the best flavor, here are some great cannabis drink recipes that taste incredible.

Cannabis Dog Treats

You probably shouldn’t eat your dog’s food, but if your dog is on a healthy supply of cannabis doggy treats, we’ll understand if you try a small bite.

CBD dog treats can help with bone strength, muscle stiffness, anxiety, stress, and may even help support your dog’s immune system.

THC is not recommended for pets, but there are several benefits to using CBD, and there are a ton of treats made with CBD that could give your best-bud a taste of the best buds.

Especially for the elderly pooches, joint problems and chronic pain can cause your dog a lot of suffering, and CBD treats may be able to help relieve some of that pain to give your dog a better quality of life.

Get Your Georgia Marijuana Card

To legally access low-THC cannabis oil in Georgia, patients will need to be diagnosed with a qualifying condition and receive a medical marijuana certification. Georgia is working hard to get the medical marijuana program activated, and we expect patient registrations to open soon!

We will be processing medical marijuana certifications as soon as the system is live for Georgia patients. Reserve your appointment today and get $25 off your evaluation once the program is running and we can start processing applications!

Feel free to give us a call at (866) 781-5606, and we can help answer your questions about getting medical marijuana in Georgia

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