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The Positive Connection Between Cannabis and Exercise

Physical Activity while medical marijuana

Since 2015, Georgia lawmakers have recognized cannabis as a potential treatment option for qualifying Georgia patients. However, the stigmatized idea that cannabis typically induces laziness held all the way up until a recent study turned this stereotype on its head.

In addition to helping you navigate each step of becoming an official medical marijuana patient, the expert team at Georgia Marijuana Card excels in keeping you up-to-date on cannabis news and lifestyle coverage.

Read on to learn more about the true connection between cannabis and exercise.

Can cannabis consumption actually help you become more fit?

A study from March of this year provides additional support for previous research and anecdotal claims that cannabis consumption is associated with increased levels of physical fitness.

At the very least, people don’t exercise less when under the influence of cannabis. Rather, observations of more than 12 thousand participants in the latest study indicate that levels of physical activity either remain the same or increase significantly following cannabis consumption.

Likewise, cannabis consumers show lower BMIs and lower rates of obesity than people who do not consume cannabis.

Why does cannabis consumption inspire physical activity?

While researchers aren’t sure exactly why the positive connection between cannabis and exercise exists, they have a few good ideas:

  1. Cannabis consumption often increases a person’s general sense of well being and enhances the pleasure of physical sensations. As a result, the idea of exercising holds less stress, plus a higher potential to physically feel good to cannabis consumers.

  1. Cannabis has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. As a result, the pain that often goes hand-in-hand with muscular inflammation during and after some exercise routines is much easier to endure and less likely to serve as an exercise deterrent thanks to cannabis.

  1. The THC present in cannabis acts as bronchodilator. This means that cannabis consumption has the potential to increase airflow throughout your body, leading to a potential athletic advantage and satisfying performance boost.

What are the benefits of exercise for cannabis patients?

Generally speaking, cannabis patients are experiencing conditions that respond positively to moderate amounts of exercise. Therefore, the physical activity that accompanies cannabis consumption definitely provides its own level of symptom relief.

This is especially true when patients forgo the stress that smoking places on the lungs and orally consume cannabis capsules, oils, tinctures, or edibles.

However, even though the benefits of combining exercise and cannabis certainly outweigh the drawbacks, it does pay to take some precautions.

Specifically, cannabis can dramatically increase heart rate, so patients with cardiovascular conditions should practice caution when integrating cannabis into exercise routines. Likewise, patients who exercise with heavy equipment should first take time to gauge the effect that cannabis will have on their motor skills and reaction time.

Ready to register for a GA marijuana card?

The best way to determine how cannabis and exercise can work together to improve your health is to consult with a doctor experienced in the study and applications of medical marijuana.

In addition to helping you register with Georgia’s official medical marijuana program, the compassionate team of doctors at Georgia Marijuana Card will provide you with ongoing, personalized guidance on making cannabis a central part of your wellness plan.

Give us a call at 833-781-5605, or visit our website, to schedule an appointment and qualify for your Georgia medical marijuana card today.


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