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  • Bailey Porras

Marijuana Drug Tests– What to Know

Although medical marijuana is not yet legal in Georgia, you should start preparing for the inevitable. At some point, the state will launch its medical program, and you will want to be ready when it does!

Georgia does have a low-THC oil registry, but residents are hoping for the program to expand soon. Expansion of a medical cannabis program looks like:

  • More qualifying conditions

  • More types of marijuana available

  • Licensed dispensaries

  • Higher possession limits

  • Legalizing delivery methods such as edibles, tinctures, smoking, and vaping

…and so much more! We are hopeful that Georgia will hop on the bandwagon and join the 37 other states in opening a medical marijuana market as soon as possible.

In order to prepare yourself for the program, you should know the main types of drug tests that can detect marijuana. Here is everything you need to know:

Types of Drug Tests

Here are the main types of drug tests that can detect marijuana:

Urine test

Urine tests are by far the most common type of drug test used by employers, because they are relatively non-invasive, quick, and easy.

One way to pass a short-notice urine test is to flush out your system. You can do this by drinking a ton of water which will dilute the drug concentration in your urine.

Saliva test

Saliva or oral drug tests can be administered by using a cotton swab and collecting a saliva sample from a person’s cheek. Saliva tests will only detect cannabis if the user has consumed it within 72 hours of the test. For this reason, saliva tests are rarely used.

Blood test

Blood tests are great indicators of frequent and recent drug use; they can detect traces of marijuana from anywhere between 4-48 hours of use. Because of this short detection window, they are not frequently used.

Blood tests are also invasive and expensive. If a person tests positive for marijuana on a blood test, it means they are probably still feeling the effects of cannabis.

Hair test

Hair follicle tests make up for about 10% of all employment drug screenings. They have a very long detection window, up to 90 days after a person has last used marijuana. However, urine tests are still more popular since they are easy and inexpensive to perform and analyze.

Get Ready for Medical Marijuana in Georgia

In order to access medical marijuana dispensaries in the State of Georgia, you are going to need your medical marijuana card. The program is not yet operational, but it’s coming!

Cannabis is coming to Georgia, and it is best to be prepared when the time comes to access safe, legal medicine so you don’t have to wait any longer for the relief you deserve.

If you aren’t sure if you qualify, we can help! You can reserve an evaluation online today with one of our compassionate cannabis doctors, and we’ll make an appointment for you just as soon as we can.

You and your new doctor will discuss your conditions and whether you qualify for a Georgia Marijuana Card. And if you make your reservation online today, you’ll even save $25 off the cost of your evaluation!

Or feel free to call us at (866) 781-5606, and we can help answer your questions about getting medical marijuana in Georgia.

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