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Georgia Regulators Granted Medical Cannabis Production Licenses

There hasn’t been much progress towards a medical marijuana program in Georgia. Quite honestly, the program hasn’t even been a topic of conversation for the state’s political officials in quite some time.

However, just this week that changed! People living with life-altering medical conditions have waited years to access legal marijuana to find relief, and it’s finally coming to the state soon.

This past Wednesday, Georgia regulators discussed a request for medical marijuana production license proposals. As of Thursday, the state awarded two medical cannabis companies a license to grow!

Two Medical Marijuana Companies Granted Licenses to Grow

Yes, you read that correctly! After a very long time coming, the state has finally awarded two medical marijuana production licenses. After 7 years of delay, significant progress is finally being made. These licenses represent a step in the right direction toward legal access to medical marijuana in Georgia.

Two companies were given the okay to grow and produce medical marijuana in the state. The companies that received these licenses are Trulieve and Botanical Sciences LLC. Trulieve is one of the largest cannabis companies nationwide. Unfortunately, many other companies applied for licenses but were denied and aren’t happy about it.

69 other companies applied for cannabis grow licenses, and the state law only allows for six licenses. Prior to the meeting on Wednesday, judges prevented the commission from issuing Class 2 licenses, which make up the remaining four. Nevertheless, the two granted are progress and good news.

Access to Marijuana

Hopefully, this progress will change the way deserving patients access their medicine in Georgia. Currently, patients have to break the law to obtain this hard-to-acquire medicine, even though it was legalized years back. Nearly 25,000 patients have received their physician approval for medical marijuana and been added to the state registry, yet there has been no legal way to access it in Georgia.

The state law requires that these two companies begin marijuana production within a year. They will be able to cultivate medical marijuana in indoor growing spaces and will be authorized to open five dispensaries to serve registered patients.

So What Now?

There won’t be any cannabis products available for medical marijuana patients for a while, but you can reserve an evaluation online today with one of our compassionate cannabis doctors, and we’ll make an appointment for you just as soon as we’re cleared to.

You and your new doctor will discuss your conditions and whether you qualify for a Georgia Marijuana Card. And if you make your reservation online today, you’ll even save $25 off the cost of your evaluation!

Or feel free to call us at (866) 781-5606, and we can help answer your questions about getting medical marijuana in Georgia.

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