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Georgia Approves 6 Licenses for Medical Marijuana

Georgia to award Licenses to produces and distributors

Patients with Georgia medical marijuana cards have been patiently waiting for cannabis products to hit store shelves, and in the last week the State has moved much closer to making that a reality. Georgia state officials granted 6 cannabis cultivation licenses to companies that will grow and process medical grade cannabis.

This legislative move puts Georgia much closer to having low-THC oil products available for patients to purchase and starts to close the gap in the final stages of Georgia’s medical cannabis program.

6 Companies Receive Licenses from the State for Marijuana

The Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission announced Saturday that six companies were granted licenses for the production of medical cannabis.

The six companies were approved with either “Class 1” or Class 2” production licenses, which differ in cost and the size of facility they can grow cannabis in.

The class 1 license has an entry fee of $200,000 and permits up to 100,000 square feet of cultivation space. The class 2 license allows 50,000 square feet for the price of $100,000.

Trulieve GA Inc. and Botanical Sciences LLC were granted class 1 licenses, and Natures GA, FFD GA Holdings LLC, Theratrue Georgia LLC, and Treevana Remedy Inc were granted class 2 licenses.

Licenses are permitted for companies to grow cannabis intended for the production of low-THC cannabis oil within indoor facilities.

Georgians have been waiting for two years to see cannabis products, and with the granting of production licenses, patients may not have to wait too much longer.

It’s very likely that we’ll see dispensary licenses finalized and approved next, which is one of the last steps to getting medical cannabis into the hands of patients.

Georgia permits the use of low-THC oil for patients with qualifying conditions who have obtained a medical marijuana card.


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