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Alpharetta, Georgia to Limit Medical Marijuana Access Within Municipality Despite Popular Opinion

City of Alpharetta to Ban Cultivation Facilities and Limit Dispensary Locations

Georgia has had a rough go with its medical marijuana program in 2021. While the public has pushed for a more comprehensive medical marijuana program, it feels like the state and its representatives are pushing for the opposite.

As of right now, Georgians can get access to a single cannabis product, low-THC oil, if they are approved as a medical marijuana patient in Georgia.

But even with the restricted access, some cities are trying to take it one step further by restricting or banning locations where businesses could operate and provide the single medical marijuana product.

The city of Alpharetta is one of those towns, where a recent amendment to its city code will restrict where dispensaries can open, and outrightly ban cultivation facilities.

Why Alpharetta, One of the Least Desirable Cities for Production Facilities, Bans Them

Alpharetta isn’t exactly prime real estate for cultivators or dispensaries, and apparently city council members feel the same way.

Alpharetta is positioned about half an hour North of Atlanta, and about a 30-minute drive from its neighboring town Marietta.

The town itself is not particularly big, the city’s population is only around 70,000, and because of its position to Atlanta and its limited industrial zones for businesses to operate, it’s not a place that’s been on anyone’s radar to move a medical marijuana business.

Despite those facts and the lack of interest from facilities to even move there, city council members took up the charge to preemptively ban cultivation facilities from moving to the city and restrict where dispensaries can operate.

Politicians Make Decisions on Matters They Don’t Understand

While cultivation facilities are banned altogether, dispensaries are graciously allowed to apply for conditional use zoning in light industrial districts of Alpharetta.

But it’s extremely unlikely that any dispensary would move to Alpharetta anyway, considering their biased stance against medicine for chronic and terminally ill patients, and of course, how unreasonably expensive the real estate is for the state’s “approved district”.

Reportedly, real estate costs are near $3 million an acre, a high enough cost to prohibit facilities from moving to Alpharetta without an unnecessary and unjustifiable ban by confused city council members.

The reality is, there’s no reason for a medical marijuana business to move to Alpharetta, and there’s even less reason for the city to ban or restrict legally operating businesses that cater to chronic and terminally ill patients.

But these decisions resemble an era of uneducated and fearful politicians, left in the past by science and medicine to appease themselves with laws that don’t matter and city codes that ultimately discriminate.

Because of a lack of information, a lack of compassion, or maybe a sly interest in driving up real estate costs, whatever the reasons for Alpharetta’s unnerving decision to keep medicine out of their community, they’re likely not motivated in fostering public health or safety, despite what elder council members might think about the “devil’s lettuce”.

When Politicians Get Scared, They Make Amendments That Hurt the People

It’s easy to understand how a city council member, senator, or congressman could be hesitant towards medical marijuana.

If this were 1950.

We have moved far away from the stigmas of cannabis as an evil and harmful plant, and we’ve comfortably found ourselves culling over the thousands of years of medical history with the plant.

We’ve established that cannabis, marijuana, has a medical purpose for many different conditions, and can help with severe conditions like PTSD in Veterans, cancer or seizures in children, and chronic pain in seniors.

It’s why Georgia even created its limited medical marijuana program to begin with, to provide cannabis products that don’t contain a high enough amount of THC to be considered psychoactive, to provide help or relief to its citizens who are suffering from debilitating conditions.

Those facts soon get forgotten when board members bring up their reefer madness quotes and wave their “protect the children” flags.

As opposed to encouraging the treatment of chronic and terminally ill patients, Alpharetta wants to make sure its borders are safe from the misunderstood plant that could help children with Autism, or the elderly with Parkinson’s.

Why Medical Marijuana Will Do Just Fine in Georgia Without Alpharetta

There’s no requirement for a facility to move into Alpharetta, and nothing terrible will happen if they don’t.

There will be plenty of access to treatment options for patients who live in Alpharetta, as no doubt there will be available dispensaries and facilities in its neighboring towns, who have taken a more realistic, and compassionate approach.

And cities like Tybee Island have taken it even further, by decriminalizing cannabis possession regardless of whether it’s medical or recreational.

In fact, due to its proximity to a metro area like Atlanta, even if there were dispensaries in Alpharetta, prices will likely be better in the city, so it’s a moot point.

Patients who are looking to treat their chronic or terminal conditions will be able to legally purchase their medicine in more accepting cities that actually have the health and safety of their citizens at heart,

And that’s good news for Georgians with medical marijuana cards, because it won’t be too far into the future before we start to see some facilities open!

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