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5 Organizations at the Heart of Georgia’s Cannabis Community

Cannabis Advocacy communities in Georgia

Since 2019, Georgia lawmakers have been on track to get qualifying patients in-state access to top-quality, low THC cannabis oil. However, Georgia’s cannabis community has been actively fighting for change since the 1980s and will continue to play an integral role in the success of Georgia’s present and future medical cannabis policies.

At Georgia Marijuana Card, our team guides patients through the process of qualifying for Georgia’s medical cannabis program. We’re also a top source of news and lifestyle advice about all things cannabis.

Read on to learn more about the organizations that have helped bring medical marijuana to the Peach state.

1. Georgia Marijuana Card: Connecting patients with the medicine they need

At Georgia Marijuana Card, our focus is making sure that every potentially qualifying patient receives the care they need. First, that involves setting up a doctor’s appointment and then completing the paperwork needed to receive a Georgia medical marijuana card. Next, it means continuing to educate and inform our clients about the specific ways that cannabis can enhance their quality of life.

By being both easily accessible and attentive to each patient’s unique needs, Georgia Marijuana Card will help ensure that Georgia has a successful medical marijuana program now that it offers only low THC medical cannabis oil. This builds confidence in cannabis and helps create an atmosphere in which future medical marijuana reforms can succeed.

2. Peachtree NORML: Lobbying for change and providing court support to victims of the drug war

Peachtree NORML is Georgia’s chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). Members gather beneath the gold dome of Georgia’s Capitol and speak directly to state representatives and senators about the benefits of legalizing cannabis.

Meanwhile, members in cities throughout Georgia meet monthly to socialize and discuss the latest cannabis news.

By marching annually in Atlanta’s Pride parade and Halloween parade, as well manning booths at festivals throughout the state, Peachtree NORML also works actively to destigmatize cannabis use and to further normalize discussions about cannabis legalization and medical marijuana expansion in Georgia.

Finally, Peachtree NORML operates the Peachtree NORML Foundation. Separate from the political lobby, the foundation provides support to individuals and families whose lives have been negatively impacted by the US war on drugs.

Many of the people who join the lobby were first introduced to NORML when receiving court support from the foundation. As a result, Peachtree NORML is a safe space for victims of the drug war to process their experiences, whether that’s by forging compassionate friendships with people who can relate or by actively paving the way for better policies for future generations.

3. Georgia Care Project: Focusing on patients’ rights

Members of the Georgia Care Project also educate Georgia’s citizens about the benefits of cannabis and lobby for changes to cannabis laws. However, the Georgia Care Project’s focus is mostly medical marijuana.

While Peachtree NORML members are well-versed in the legal status of cannabis, Georgia Care Project members are more likely to share stories about how patients have used cannabis to up-level their treatment plans and exceed the expectations of medical professionals.

If you’re using Georgia Marijuana Card to process your patient registration and to receive individual guidance, then you may find that the Georgia Care Project offers a complimentary, in-person community of interested and experienced medical marijuana patients.

4. M4MM: Making medical marijuana more accessible for minorities

Although the work of Georgia’s chapter of Minorities 4 Medical Marijuana (M4MM) overlaps with the work of Peachtree NORML and Georgia Care Project, this group offers a distinctly BIPOC perspective on the issues.

This is particularly helpful, since it’s Georgia’s BIPOC families that have been most impacted by the war on drugs and the stigma around cannabis consumption.

Additionally, M4MM addresses the cannabis industry itself by offering workshops and resources for implementing successful programs for diversity, equity, and inclusion within the cannabis workplace.

5. Georgia Coalition for the Abolition of Marijuana Prohibition: Removing the stigma from cannabis consumption

Also known as CAMP, the Georgia Coalition for the Abolition of Marijuana Prohibition is the oldest active cannabis advocacy group in Georgia. Since 1978, CAMP has represented Georgians in national forums centered on the legalization of cannabis.

Throughout the 90s, CAMP coordinated The Great Atlanta Pot Festival, an event celebrating music and marijuana that drew 30 to 60 thousand people to Georgia annually in celebration of cannabis.

In 2015, CAMP took its biggest step yet and set up an official headquarters in Atlanta’s Little 5 Points neighborhood right next door to a police precinct. This location doubles as a retail store for legal cannabis products. Its very existence and unintentionally strategic placement make it a tangible reminder that cannabis supporters and law enforcement can peacefully coexist.

What are the Benefits of a Strong Cannabis Community?

A strong cannabis community like Georgia’s consists of multiple groups capable of both working together and standing on their own to advance change and defeat stigma.

It also provides a home for medical marijuana patients and proponents of responsible adult cannabis use. As a result of feeling validated and supported, these individuals are then better able to utilize all the resources available to them while effectively campaigning for more.

Are You Ready to Join Georgia’s Cannabis Community?

The compassionate team at Georgia Marijuana Card is ready to help you access top-quality, well-regulated cannabis in Georgia. If you’re ready to join Georgia’s cannabis community, a great first step is reaching out to Georgia Marijuana Card about joining Georgia’s official medical marijuana registry.

Give us a call at 833-781-5605, or visit our website, to schedule an appointment and start the process of qualifying for your Georgia medical marijuana card today.

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