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Medical Marijuana Doctor in Atlanta, Georgia

Medical Marijuana Doctors in Atlanta, Georgia 

Phone: (678) 573-4543


Getting A Medical Marijuana Card in Atlanta, GA

The Georgia Medical Department of Public Health is tasked with implementing the regulations and provisions of Amendment 2 which permits state licensed physicians to recommend marijuana for medical purposes to patients with serious illnesses and medical conditions as identified by the Georgia State Medical Association.

Georgia Marijuana Card makes it easy for qualifying patients to access medical marijuana across the state of Georgia. We plan on opening offices conveniently located throughout Georgia, so patients won't need to spend hours driving just to find a compassionate doctor. At every Georgia Marijuana Card office, you'll find Georgia medical marijuana doctors able to determine if medical marijuana is right for you based on your medical condition(s), plus an extraordinarily helpful and friendly staff that will make the application and approval process simple and stress-free!

To qualify for a Georgia Marijuana Card, a patient must be diagnosed by a licensed Georgia Doctor with one of the numerous qualifying conditions specified within Georgia’s medical marijuana law.

Atlanta Marijuana Card Office

Georgia Marijuana Card will be opening a medical marijuana doctor office in Atlanta very soon. It is anticipated that Georgia Marijuana Doctors will be legally allowed to issue Physician Certifications for medical marijuana once the Department of Public Health has finalized the forms and processes to register Patients who have received a Physician Certification:

1. Patients would not be able to legally purchase their medication anywhere at this time, as dispensaries have not yet opened.

2. The Georgia Department of Public Health isn’t yet issuing patient identification cards. Without a patient identification, the doctor’s recommendation only provides with you an affirmative defense in court.

Georgia Marijuana Card is Here to Help

If you’d like to be notified when the Atlanta office begins scheduling patients for evaluations, please sign up for our mailing list below. Patients on our mailing list will receive a 10% discount on the cost of evaluations.

Medical Marijuana & Safety

The Georgia Department of Public Health requires cannabis in the state to be tested by an analytical testing laboratory for the following:

• Microbiological contaminants;

• Solvents;

• Water activity and moisture content;

• Cannabinoid concentrations (CBD and THC); and

• Heavy Metals

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